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"Why Regression Therapy?" is a State of the Art documentary produced by EARTh Association.

Regression techniques and the experience of the Trainer, are the ultimate tool to help you re-create your life. The client centered focus, in-depth alignment and open mind in logic searching, make this therpeutic detectivework into a Professional Specialty that has no limits in application. We apply TRT and EnergyWork with Logic Focus also in the Tranformation Coaching.The name of this broad and deep Therapeutical Method, does not totally cover the beauty of this Discipine. Many people were able to heal themselves, to better their situation, to get insights and take decisions. Even physical healing takes place and ailments or patterns that seem to be irreversible, are often transformed or healed. Much more research needs to be done, but far out the most effective therapy for psychosomatic ailments, or psychological issues, seems to be the Transpersonal Regression Therapy. With IPARRT you find the specialists in this approach. Constantly training and learning in ongoing dynamics of professional life.

more than the present day adult, leading personality is involved: your inner children (youth experiences) your family's influence in patterns and behaviour, the education (including dominant teachers) the dead and your emotions toward them. The physical body is included in this process, it will give information, sometimes posture, often sensations of the past event. the body is important for the mind.
Method: logical conversation, in a spontaneous trance - this is being self absorbed by your queest. the therapist follows. No outside input such as medication is used, no hypnosis, you will be able to reflect on what has happened, and learn from it. Transformation is a logic consequence of good TRTherapy.


IPARRT practice uses techniques of TRT in Workshops and personal Consultations. Every person who needs a moment of reflection in life choioces, suffers from disease, faces the same pains or themes repeatingly, can benefit from the TRT personal research.
For business, we help Managers and Leaders and teams of professionals. Carehelpers and hospitalpersonnel. For all layers in society we have a Workshop for support and clarity: Young People with life Questions, Children in need, people who wish to deal with business issues, and those who are suffering from diseases and inexplicable pains or any kind of 'spiritual' discomfort, such as 'soul pain' grief, loneliness: TRT has proven to be a truly effective tool!


SOS BOOKS - Safe our Souls - Book Series: in the process of being written, containing over 150 cases from real experiences in the Practice of IPARRT / Marion Boon. Book I: Family Fields - on Epi-genetics in the Family, including ancestors and much more. How people freed themselves. How you can avoid passing on to your children what you (unknowingly) carry from your family.    Book I is expected end of 2014.

'Regression' is the Method: something is hindering you in the Present, here and now. We guide to 'go back to where this started' and find out why, and how it is possible that it is still an issue in the present. Learn from this information. Find and address your inner hurt, and healing takes place when the past is finally processed.

Regression self research, is about our deeper memories, stored in our body and playing a role in our daily welll being, health, relationships, taking decisions. in fact it would be nice to name Regression Therapy a Progressive Approach, for it enables you to take away the hindrances, to stop using your brake and it will be more easy to enjoy or speed up your life!

If you want to read more about this, among the best ever books with method and examples, is the latest book by Hans ten Dam: Deep Healing. More on the bibliographic list.

Experiences form a hidden past, 'Past Realities' are found and researched in profound personal analysis, whereby we use the symptoms to find the origin behind them, keeping the focus on the Present. Transformation takes place and healing is mostly an immediate result. TRT is Psycho-dynamic healing in direct focus, a very practical approach.

Mental, emotional and physical information will lead you to insights on issues, ailments and dis-eases. What may initially seem strange, can appear to be a logical consequence in the present, originating from a past reality: Childhood, prenatal growth, and even information that cannot possibly stem from the present life, but is apparently stemming from a past existence - indeed, a past life. Or they can be carried over from our parents and ancestors (as researched in the newest science named "epi-genetics"). Humans are an interesting species. Parts of our personality seem involved in programs that are no longer needed and even disturbing. Clients learn to help themselves out of such past events and back into the present. This is why we refer to Trans-personal: more than one person can be involved in clarification of the past.

We live in Interesting Times:

One of the nicest hot news items in the Netherlands and world wide is the growing research that people are capable of far more, than is presently taught in the Academic world: of course, academic knowledge will follow, but for now, visit www.innerfire.nl  to be inspired by Wim Hof and his auto-immunesystem control method.

The environment does affect us more than science of the last decades was aware of. Of course in our families we have already noticed it: we may do exactly the same as our family, even disliking it.. We can be Influenced by trauma or behaviour form past generations, energy influences of the dead - mostly loved ones, mental programs created in difficult times: we live in the present and should not be chained nor bothered by the past other than learning from it. We live Here and Now, and TRT can help you to be more Present.

For IPARRT, Marion has designed a series of 'Tailor Made Workshops' on a variety of topics, inspired by the good results of her clients. Family Fields is one of these. Regeneration of Organs is another, offering hugely effective techniques. Accident Trauma Release - on after effects of violence or accidents, is mentioned in the right side-selection. There is a lot you can do for yourself!

IPARRT's specialty is the direct Focus Therapy of Mind, Soul and Body. This includes spiritual powers, and remains focused in present rational understanding. Your logic reasoning is a necessary and useful tool, to understand revealed hidden patterns in present day behaviour.

Transformation is a consequence of this direct approach.

Physical ailments, psychological issues, problems of soul depth such as grief or medically unexplicable pain: your cognitive power and mind set, in a symphony of cooperation with body and  souyl, will guide toward healing insights.
IPARRT practice is the private healing and counseling practice of Marion Boon. This practice grew to be a Centre of activities and Creative Healing as from 2000.
Offering Transpersonal Regression Therapy which includes: inner child work, past live experiences, spiritual focus and energywork, releasement therapy, physical focus and scanning with insight - all to 'heal the present from the past'. 

This is an Integrative approach to raising self-consciousness and achieve healing for the physical body, mind and soul.

Personal Development & Life Coaching:
Marion provides 'Intensive in-depth sessions' for clients when in a Coaching Process - this is an amazing extra for clients who wish to use the intermezzo of coaching for deeper self learning. Contact IPARRT for more information!

Allowing our human capacities to reason, feel and investigate our inner self, cognitive insights can grow - without the use of any medication. We use no hypnosis, your cognitive mind is present and at work all the time. This approach is very suitable for Life Coaching and Core Issue Explorations of any theme.

Regression therapy traces experiences of a past reality that appear to still carry consequences in the present. Inexplicable behaviour and medically inexplicable complaints can be the result of unconsciously stored past events and our mental reaction to those. Regression Therapy does not need to use hypnosis, but a spontaneous trance will occur allowing the flow of your concentration. The cognitive insights of the client allow to heal the present from effects of a past event. The results are lasting and promising.

Mental, physical and psychological results and a general feeling of completeness, more clarity and presence are reported after therapy. A session takes about 2,5 hours, sometimes more excluding pre- and after talks for clarification and focus on the present need of the client - and his/her wish to  heal.
Most people will not need much more than 5 to 10 sessions. Some people need only one or three!

IPARRT practice offers:
- Individual therapy - on appointment - starting with a short intake.
You can phone or write us, or use the contact form. Therapy is professional, personal and offers insights and lasting results.
- Coaching for personal development - viewing life with deeper insights and living up to your own feelings
- Lectures for Corporate societies, Psychic healing, and Quality of life.
- Masterclasses for Therapists and Healers, groups of medical professions
- Personal Empowerment - training program in workshop format

IPARRT Regression for Progression in Life presents:

- Idividual therapy for exploration and healing concerning: diseases, ailments, physical complaints, spiritual questions or suffering, life path issues, family-patterns, parenting and youth problems, accident trauma, after effects of surgery and narcosis, post concussion syndrome, spirit-release, retrieval of lost authenticity, psychological and psychic issues, sleeping disorders, OCD, BIID, not feeling home, being absent, and 'simply' to feel better here and now.
- Lectures and workshops for the public on many topics. Know that much is possible and YOU can achieve it yourself. Many dis-eases appear to be within reach of the Transpersonal approach as applied by IPARRT - using your own consciousness.
- Post Graduate education classes for Hypnotherapists, Regression therapists and others in the field. Special Intensives where you learn to bring in-depth, quick and direct focus on physical ailments or in your business-oriented workshops.
- Masterclasses on specific techniques or themes for professionals
- Specialized Education for medical workers and others who wish to expand their field. spiritual Hygiene in your hospital or working place: fits you all to feel fit.
- Practical and healing ART workshops - click on above info for ART Trainers in your region. or contact Marion for info and contacts in your country.
ART Workshop Trainers network of individual independent trainers, committed to the Practical Applications of Regression Therapy - contact on demand: A short list of the many powerful practical workshops:

  • Family-'genetics' - Part 1. Tracing back in the family what you took on, and parents handed over to you.
    family-traits are more than outerly looks; dis-ease and patterns can be disturbing, until you are aware of them.
  • Family-Fields - Part 2. Tracing and undoing the legacy of the ancestors, the energy influence of your dynamic web. Here we include a special exercise to cleanse the physical body and become more present in the here and now.
  • Healing Homesickness and Alienation - workshop for migrants and students who leave home
  • Latent Talents - dis-cover your talents from past training and skills, and life experiences
  • Fertility - healing the body from mental mechanism influencing your fertility
  • The Tango of living and dying - from farewell to a new memory - a workshop to help you through grief and mourning
  • The Warrior Within - reconnect your capacity to 'fight' with the peace of mind and clarity of the present
  • Breast Cancer: tracing possible causes, influences from the family line and practicel: what can you do.
  • Regeneration of Organs: workshop and training on the power of mind to heal organs in function.

    for social workers it is good to know we also offer these specialistic workshops:
  • Fathering is a Verb - a workshop for young men who are fathers but have not found their supportive way to deal with this phenomenon.
  • Mothers of young age - walking together with your child - a workshop for teenage and young mothers who want to grow stronger to help both child and themselves

Marion and IPARRT Network are active in:  India, Ireland, France (coming soon), USA, Spain, Germany, Turkey.. For NL see above. Please use the Contact link to find us for more information.

IPARRT practice international - supports a professional network of colleagues offering practical experiential ART workshop. In 2010 it is 10 years ago we started in the Netherlands, soon after in several European countries and outside Europe in India and USA. ART Workshops - Applications of Regression Therapy - are developed for many themes, diseases, issues of psychological or physical needs and always have a practical therapeutical focus build in: Personal Healing and Development for your well being, a feeling of owning your life and being able to make decisions. We help you to live more in the here and now, to enjoy life more fully and 'to live up to your true self' - as one client described it.

IPARRT practice has a close cooperation with MENSICS INSTITUUT a growing network of coaches and trainers. Mensics Trainers are operational in many layers of Society on many topics of every day life and need.
Both networks initiated by Marion - experience of over 10 years are used in the set up of Mensics Intensive Trainings.

Intensive Trainings offer training on: organization vs personality, corporates, medical professions, schools and teachers, young people and life path, suicide as non-option, social workers touching down, care helpers Trauma and Trigger, body guards over alertness, police trauma contact, veterans POWER program, and many more.

We care about personal Qualilty and Talents and help you expolore yours!
Are you too tired of working? Experience Too much fatigue in daily life? lost the appetite in what you do? living up to other people's expectations? Getting sick and forgetting who you really are? Time to do Regression Therapy to retrieve your personal qualities and energy: Empowerment first, than action follo
More on www.mensics.com

Marion is trainer and therapist, teacher for TASSO international professional education in Past life Regression Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy, Life orientation and Coaching. Involved in organizing the WCRT world congresses and supports EARTh association - to organize practitioners around the world and develop techniques and quality of this extremely effective therapy.

Professional Member of EARTH European Association for Regresion Therapy. NVRT the Netherlands. Certified by independent Board of IBRT

If you wish to be informed about Science on your Consciousness Capacities? see this video by the expert Dean Radin, Senior Scientist of the Noetic Institute.  Visit Tasso.nl if you like to study Regression Therapy.